General Info

The Concept

Tremendous growth of data traffic in wireless communications systems will necessitate radical improvements and re-planning of existing mobile data networks so that the excessive traffic can be supported. Introducing new spectrum and improving spectral efficiency via air interface and networking techniques comprise set of tools for capacity increase. Splitting radio coverage to smaller coverage areas, via e.g. femtocell systems concepts, provides also means for capacity increase. All of these methods are essentially needed to meet future capacity needs.

The Full-Duplex Radios for Local Access (DUPLO) project aims at developing technology and systems solutions to help to meet future capacity needs, by introducing a new radio transmission paradigm to improve spectrum efficiency in wireless communications. The new radio transmission paradigm is to enable simultaneous transmission and reception at the same carrier frequency by powerful cancellation of self-interference in wireless device.


Full-duplex transmission has several potential applications in wireless communication systems, including:

  • Full-duplex relays.
  • Full-duplex connections in small area cells.
  • Re-use of radio resources with full-duplex transmission.
  • Device-to-device connections with full-duplex transmission.
  • Full-duplex connections for wireless backhaul.
  • Full-duplex transmission in wireless mesh networks.



Innovation Aspects

The DUPLO project will study and develop key technologies and methods for self-interference cancellation in wireless transceiver to enable full-duplex transmission in wireless communications systems applications, having the primary focus in small radio cell operation environment. The DUPLO project will study how much self-interference can be cancelled in the access point and devices using novel antenna domain, radio frequency (RF) domain and baseband domain interference cancellation methods and with their combinations, with the aim to achieve significant improvements over the state-of-art solutions in terms of cancellation performance, power consumption and implementation cost of required signal processing. The DUPLO project will implement selected new solutions, and evaluate their performance with hardware test platform. The DUPLO project will also study and develop MAC layer protocols for full-duplex communication links and study how full-duplex communications can be introduced to dense network of small area cells.